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Design a landscape that I have not seen yet

While having a wonderful view,
As the premises where buildings can be builtUnrecognized places,
Value is due to the existence of architectureSuch as the site to be revealed,
From the viewpoint of design, observe the site,Renovation of the landscape,
Pull out the potential of the siteIt is a real estate company.

Next to a rich life, there is a beautiful landscape.
It is wonderful called superb viewNot only the scenery,
By city night scenery, park, waterside, green, peopleIt is various superb views.

We have such an environmentWhile thinking at the same time,
I would like to propose the site on a new perspectivethinking about.

Superb View Real Estate Co.: Find the best property for you!

Welcome to Superb View Real Estate Co., the best place to find your new home here in Japan! On this website, find various properties for sale across the country and choose the one that’s best for you and your family. 

Moreover, be greeted with different blogs that can help you become more aware of the real estate industry to help you choose the right home!

Our goal

Here at Superb View Real Estate Co., our goal is to provide the people of Japan with properties of different shapes and sizes that they can call home.

On top of that, we also want to share some tips about buying properties with our readers which is why we offer tons of blogs that cover these and real estate, in general.

Properties we offer

To help give you a better idea of what we offer, here are some of the different models we have on sale:

Studio condo room

The cheapest property we sell here on our website is a studio room that can be found in one of our high-rise condos in central Tokyo. We recommend this property to those who are always on the go and all they need is a place to crash at night.

However, we’re proud to say that our studios are much more spacious compared to others in the market! With the right interior designer, you can easily fit a kitchen, a living room and of course, a bedroom.

Moreover, the studio unit can also be converted into a loft-type room if you want to. Just be sure to contact your contractor in advance.

One-bedroom condo unit

If you want a unit that’s an upgrade to our cheapest property listing, then you should opt for our one-bedroom condo unit. This room measures 472 sqft and it’s more than capable to house up to 3 adults.

Aside from the unit itself, you’ll also be given a single parking spot in the lot located on the second floor of the building.

Single attached house

If you’re on a budget and you want to own a house and lot, then you should consider buying one of our single attached houses. These models can easily house you and your family, with room to spare!

This unit has two floors, 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms, all of which are made of high-quality materials. Moreover, you’ll also be provided with ample garage space that can fit at least two vehicles.

Explore our site today!

Now that you’ve gotten an idea of what we have to offer here at Superb View Real Estate Co., it’s time for you to explore our site here at Superb View Real Estate Co.!